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My piece on Anesia Baptiste

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Editor: A famous 18th Century Religious writer once said: “No one can be true to principle without exciting opposition”.

Every true-hearted and unbiased Vincentian will agree that Anesia Baptiste has continually stood up for principle. For example, she was instrumental in exposing the ills of the now dead Constitution Bill 2009.{{more}} She has constantly warned Vincentians against the dangers of communistic ideologies and governments. She has persistently shown the importance of understanding that our rights and freedoms are God-given and inalienable. So, she has continued to be true to principle, but not without vehement opposition by prejudicial, partisan supporters of the ULP. It has now reached to the point where she has been handed 16 charges with the claim that she is guilty of misconduct. Even the Church and the Institute, of which she is a member, have come under slanderous criticism. Many ULP supporters hate her so much (because of her good works) that they openly call for her to be sacked.

On Wednesday, 10th February, 2010, I was horrified while listening to a radio call-in program called ‘Shake up’ hosted by Mr. Elson Crick on WE Fm radio station. Concerning Anesia Baptiste, one caller said “…Vincentians have to get rid of this woman. She is no good woman for this country”. This is gross intolerance! A responsible freedom-loving host would have discouraged a caller from such intolerant speech, but what did Elson Crick do? He responded “…You made a very passionate plea and I am happy for that.” Unfortunately, circumstances did not permit me to call in and openly rebuke Mr. Crick and the misguided caller. Nevertheless, I resorted to prayer and I know YHWH-GOD will not be silent to those who hold and express such views. It is He who has created us with a mind, conscience, the ability to hold beliefs and to express opinions. No one should receive such intolerance meted out to her because she disagrees with another human being- even if it is with the Prime Minister. The ULP supporters must realize that the PM is not God! He is not exempt from criticism.

It is high time that we start viewing political leaders properly. They are our servants, not our masters. We must realize that the real test for government is their regard for the rights and freedoms of all the people. The politicians must begin to view themselves properly, too. They are our employees in honourable offices and they must recognize their responsibility to be accountable to us. They must not seek to malign, ostracize, slander or persecute their dissenters. Remember that “the destruction of the peace of a nation is the intolerance of its government and when that government loses power the people of that nation rejoices.” Take note!

Anesia, you are a beacon of light to all freedom -championing Vincentians, and indeed, ‘everybody wants freedom’. Be not afraid of the faces and plots of your opponents. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world (1 John 4: 4).

All that is happening in our country is packed with lessons that everyone, including the Opposition Party, must learn by ‘force’ or by will. Politics will never be the same again in this country. Thank God, the only Sovereign Ruler and King of this universe, for His marvelous work through committed and sacrificial patriots like Anesia Baptiste.

Ann-Marie John
[email protected]