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Clean up nasty music in passenger vans!

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Editor: Travelling in a van yesterday, I was shocked out of my wits at the lyrics in a song being blasted from the speakers of the van. The song was lewd and had repulsive sexual connotations. I looked about at the other occupants in the van, who were mostly school children, boys and girls, and their heads were bobbing to the rhythm; some were even singing the lyrics. There were numerous bleeps in the song.{{more}}

I called out to the conductor and asked him if he was aware of the content of the song. The young passengers gave me some stares and looks which said “Who does she think she is?”

Our children must know about the birds and the bees – sex, but not in that vulgar, disrespectful way. Sex is a gift from God, and it is not to be abused. In all the songs, the female anatomy comes in for a lot of abuse, and it’s the young girls who like these songs and encourage the van drivers to play them. The boys act out their fantasies on these young ladies in the most derogatory manner.

Please, van drivers, we know that you are running a business and you try to cater to the whims and fancies of your young clients. But for heavens sake, remember you have a moral responsibility to these youngsters. I am sure that you can get “music with more conscious lyrics” that will encourage them to lead more productive lives. We have now reached that stage where we no longer have a conscience.

Remember, we will reap what we sow.


Roses Ashton
Concerned Parent