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Up against it!

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EDITOR: For the past 19 months I have been stationed in Canouan as Senior Airport Officer, quietly going about the Government’s business and minding my own, oblivious to the vicious tale making the rounds about me. How the ‘chi-chi man’ rumour got started will forever be to me one of those unsolved mysteries. Were it not for the potential stain against my name, the story could be amusing, given its diametric relation to the truth: if only they knew!{{more}}

In Bequia, my home since childhood, the propagators would be laughed at for suggesting such utter nonsense. I may be taking a huge risk writing this, but I am reasoning that a lot more people know me, compared to those few careless babblers in Canouan. I suffer silently, angered, because not for the first time, the origin of the story is the Police Station, most recently, via someone who should know better.

How could those charged with maintaining Law and Order indulge in such despicable behaviour? One can imagine my apprehension if necessity requires my going to the station to make a report.

I believe the police should strive for an image that reflects decency, not the contemptible traits of society’s idle dregs. I can assure the rumour mongerer and those in his charge that I am 10,000 percent man. If this act was being committed by an ordinary member of society, I could, if I chose, go to the police and make a report; but to whom am I going to report the police?

Upset Vincentian