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Vinlec, this is not good enough!

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Editor: A few months ago, a lady demonstrated outside the gates of VINLEC. Her grouse stemmed from the digging up of the road in front of her gate in Montrose. I wonder what was the outcome?{{more}}

I recalled VINLEC explaining that they had contracted a company to work on their behalf and, therefore, they were not directly responsible for the messy work done by the company they had contracted. WRONG! The road from Montrose through Stoney Ground on to Wilson Hill and Paul’s Avenue which was dug up by contractors employed by VINLEC is the responsibility of VINLEC.

An attempt was made to fix the roads and it now looks like a three-year-old’s effort to put frosting on a cake (slap dash). VINLEC, where is your corporate responsibility? You must oversee the work of the individuals you have contracted. In fact, this company should not have been contracted if they are incapable of doing the work properly and this includes restoring the public road to its original state.

Is there a Ministry of Government responsible for road works? How could they sit idly by and allow a company to mash up the road? Shame, shame, shame.

Sharon Thomas-Martin