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Accusations of police brutality too frequent

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Editor: The accusation of police brutality is becoming too frequent. One may argue that there are three sides of a story, the alleged victim’s side, the police side and the true side. Nevertheless, without hearing the three sides it is in poor taste that there should be so many accusations of police brutality.{{more}}

We recognize that there are times when the civilians may anger the police and so contribute to their own brutality by resisting arrest, being armed and dangerous and also provoking the policemen. But when one reads of the two children who claimed police brutality, one has to think carefully of what is going on in our society and the police force.

Yes, we know that there are many children who are rude and impolite to people, including the police, but could not the police do their search and question if they are suspicious without being abusive? Is it that some policemen find it convenient to revenge civilians with whom they have an issue by abusing them? What about the innocent civilians who are brutalized? Is it that some police are stressed out and frustrated and take it out on innocent civilians?

We can go on and on, but it is time that some effort be made to deal with this vexing situation. The North Leeward branch under ASP Davis ought to be complimented for having consultation with the communities on this issue. I would further suggest that serious investigation be done about these accusations and that the erring officers be dealt with.

Let us have a peaceful Christmas, and so let us stop the abuse by police and civilians alike. Let us respect each other and stop the killing and have a peaceful nation.

Kennard King