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Stop chopping poles before someone dies

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Editor: I kindly wish to bring some very serious matters to the attention of the public and relevant authorities. In recent times, a group of youths in the area of two villages in North Leeward have been chopping electricity poles, even severing the earth wire of quite a number of these poles.{{more}} A donkey in one of those villages attempted to scratch its back on a pole that had its earth wire severed and that was the end of the donkey – DEAD! I shudder to think: Suppose a schoolchild or someone else had casually leaned on that pole? What a tragedy that would have been!

I hereby wish to call on Vinlec to warn the general public, and especially the youths, to COMPLETELY desist from the practice of chopping poles. It is NOT harmless fun. It can be FATAL. Maybe Vinlec can make a check on poles and restore earth wires to those that the vandals have severed. Also, it may be wise for people to be extra careful about leaning against electricity poles.

Another matter I wish to highlight is this. Some youths of the highest village in North Leeward are in the destructive habit of smashing bulbs on electricity poles during the Christmas season. It would be kind of such ones to stop this ignorant and uncivilized practice.

For Police Traffic Department: Would it not be a wise thing to install a bus stop at the Water Authority in Montrose (installed on the left side from Leeward into Kingstown) so that people traveling from the Leeward side can stop off near the water authority building to pay their bills etc, instead of stopping off much further down and having to walk back? I usually feel it for old people having to walk all the way back to pay their water bills. Please show some consideration and compassion for the populace, and especially older ones.

North Leeward Resident