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Ralph does not victimise, he’s a ‘Together Now’ man

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EDITOR: I supported the NDP and Arnhim Eustace in the last general elections, but now I support Ralph Gonsalves to be my Prime Minister. I have good reasons for this, and Mr. Eustace and the NDP will not get my vote next time around.{{more}}

But of concern to me are statements being made on NDP FM, sometimes by Mr. Eustace himself, that Ralph is victimizing people politically. This is completely false.

Ralph is a tough and skillful politician, but he has a good and decent heart without any malice. My friends on the block talk about this all the time, since he helps everybody, regardless of their politics. I know of many, many examples of this, and in some cases he even spends his own money to help people.

Maybe some of the foot soldiers in the ULP might do some low level victimization, especially when it comes to road work, but not Ralph.

This man kept as his two private secretaries two young women who worked closely with Sir James Mitchell and Arnhim Eustace. He promoted the daughter of Sir James to a big job. He went out of the way to help the children of Allan Cruickshank and insisted that the PSC promote ASP Horace Williams, even after that officer pulled an M-16 rifle at the Comrade during the 2000 “road block”. Although Carl Joseph as DPP tried to jail Ralph for contempt of court, Ralph pushed Carl Joseph to be a Magistrate! And Ralph has approved concessions for his opponent Dinkie Balcombe for his water project. The NDP would never do such a thing.

Ralph is a “Together Now” man, but if you cross him in the political arena, he may give you a tongue lashing, that’s all. So if you cuss him, expect to get back some verbal licks. But victimization and malice? Absolutely not, no way.

David Wilson