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Editor, I am hurt, but I am not yet angry!

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Editor: I heard our Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves saying sometime ago that he is hurt but he is not angry. I found that statement alarming. Imagine “I am hurt but not angry”. Madam Editor, let me tell you about things which make or made me angry in this country.{{more}}

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller seems not to be able to find a way to deal with the large number of crimes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I am hurt! If I were angry, I would have transferred him.

Thornley Myers at Vinlec can’t find the formula to reduce our electricity bill. I am only hurt, but if I were angry, I don’t know where I would have placed him. Cecil Ryan and bananas was never the right choice. After the banana industry is dead, I might be so angry that I might open a funeral home.

I think Dr. Slater, Ministers Browne, Sayers and Baptiste are hurting. They can’t get anything done. Why? Ask the PM. He had better hope the constituents are only hurt and not angry. When we developed the Canouan airport into a jet port, the PM said he needed to find capable persons to manage the international airport at Argyle because persons here might not be capable.

If I were Mrs. Robinson, Director of Airports, I would have left before the PM, who is responsible for airports gets hurt, because if he gets angry you don’t know what he will do. Ask Mr. Alexander what he did.

Otto Sam, Philbert John and Joy Matthews, you are responsible for our PM being hurt. It is said by some teachers that they are feathering their own nests. So when the teachers get angry, they should ask all of you to resign your positions!

Persons who go to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital are complaining about health care. What should we do with Fitz Jones? Once you are sick, you get angry. Every time I drive from Kingstown to Layou, I am hurting in my pocket. I asked Minister Straker, he told me don’t blame him, it is Minister Burgin who is not listening about fixing the road. I asked Minister Burgin, and he said to me “Things bad, no money na day. Kingsley ah trusting you don’t tell the PM ah say so, you can write about it, the PM don’t find time to read newspaper”. Let’s hope he don’t read this because if he gets angry Minister Burgin might not run next election.

Howie Prince said that when seawater messed up our coast last time, he was not informed by the Met Office, so don’t blame him, it’s the authorities in Barbados. Our PM bought it so he did not get angry with Howie, but ah go tell Howie whenever Miss Forbes come back from England, by that time the PM will be so angry about the amount of money you make him spend, he go transfer you. Where? To the hospital! So Fitz Jones, start making preparation. One time they say NIS, but the PM changed his mind; Mr. Thomas is doing a good job, so if ah hear, I will let you know, but for now, you will be like Mr. Carlos James, walking up and down Kingstown with a Guinness in his hand.

VAT, cost of living getting us so hurt that we might change our mind about who will take us into the future. PM say he has the answer, but Mr. Eustace say the PM’s vision perished; its time for us to get up and make things happen, this country is hurting, if we get angry. It’s time for a change. Please PM stop misleading us. You might not like us when we are hurting, we might use words like the ones you used to describe the teachers. I misunderstood you, like some teachers who don’t understand reclassification, forgive me. Teachers said they made and presented a proposal, Powell did one, PM came up with one. Which one should be considered? Did I hear Mr. Sam say on WE FM 99.9 that government tampered with the final report from Powell? I am hurting about this issue of reclassification because I am focused on all which is being said by those who are involved, but let me remind teachers the PM never said that you are dunce. He said teachers can’t determine if ULP wins the next election “Keep all yo vote”.

I am looking forward to your budget presentation 2008-2009. Don’t forget PM, the whole world is going through financial problems.

Kingsley DeFreitas