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A tribute to the late Joel Huggins

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Editor: I was about to use the heading “Tribute to my former Boss”, but after carefully analyzing the word “Boss” I decided against it because one of the many meanings of “Boss” is “an individual who tells people to do things, gives them orders by bullying them etc. The example given was “to boss people around”.{{more}}

Based on the above, I decided to use the heading “Tribute to Joel Huggins”. One of the most common phrases at VINLEC is “In Huggins’ time”. When we use that phrase, we use it with a sense of pride and achievement and often to bemoan the present. In fact, VINLEC continues to benefit from the legacy left by Joel Huggins.

Joel Huggins never said much, but the sincerity in his eyes was the equivalent of a million words. He was soft spoken and he commanded our respect without threats, without being disrespectful or without shouting. He valued the contribution made to VINLEC by every member of staff. While I worked outside in the hot sun I knew that my contribution in the eyes of Joel Huggins was equivalent to that of a manager in the air conditioned office.

Joel, I miss your physical presence at VINLEC and I will miss your physical presence on earth. But I am comforted by the fact that “Memories do not leave like people do”.

To your family during this period of bereavement – “keep strong” and cherish the fact that Joel made a positive contribution while he walked among us in the physical form.