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Ole George, Joel Butcher deserve better treatment

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Editor: We have just celebrated yet another Independence anniversary. There are many persons who have contributed much to nation building and making this country proud by their achievements. Among those are two outstanding gentlemen: Earl “Ole George” Daniel and Joel Butcher.{{more}}

It is unfortunate that these two gentlemen have not been given recognition that they so deserve. I am certain that if these gentlemen were “Bajans” or residents in another country they would be household names. Much would have been said of them on radio and in the printed media.

One is left to wonder why is it that not even the government gave them any kind of recognition. After all, they help put this country on the map of the world. Sad, too, is the fact that Joel Butcher continues to live in a very deplorable condition. A vehicle seat is his bed – just to highlight his plight. His house is nothing we would like for ourselves. Yet in spite of this, these two gentlemen for four consecutive years have broken records and made this country proud.

They are our heroes and role models, yet they are not treated as heroes and role models. In another country, these men would be highly recognized and treated as heroes. I am not asking for these men to be made wealthy, but simply that they be given recognition. Treat these men with the respect they deserve. I am, therefore, calling on the authorities to look into Joel Butcher’s situation and to assist him. After all, they are our heroes.

Thank you, Ole George and Joel Butcher, for making us Vincentians proud to be Vincy.

Kennard King