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Ms. Sylvester, why are the officers in civilian clothes?

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Editor: Last week, lawyer Nicole Sylvester, President of the Human Rights Association, put out a press release commending the Commissioner of Police and the Police Department for their prompt action in investigating the death threats made against her.{{more}} This has come after accusations of inefficiency in the Police Department and other tongue-lashings it has received from the said Human Rights Association in recent times.

While I must commend the Association and its President for boldly praising the Police Department this time around, one section of the press release has me very puzzled. It is the section that said: “and to state that presently my movements are being monitored by Police Officers dressed in civilian clothing.” Why would a person being threatened want to inform the public and, by extension, the perpetrator, that police in civilian clothes are following her?

Ms. Sylvester, Police Officers in civilian clothing are what we call Undercover Officers, and their job, I would assume, is to observe and investigate incognito – without being detected. If you are going to tell the world that there are cops monitoring your movements, there is absolutely no reason for them to be in civilian clothing. Maybe they should put on their sirens, parading up and down behind you, flashing their badges for everyone to see.

Come on, you are an experienced lawyer and you should know certain police procedures, and you should also know it is silly to inform the criminal minded that Undercover Officers are monitoring them.