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Thanks for our Prime Minister

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EDITOR: I returned to St. Vincent and the Grenadines almost seven years ago from Britain. Since then I am most impressed with the work of our Prime Minister, Dr. The Hon. Ralph E. Gonsalves, and his Government. In the most difficult circumstances, internationally and locally, Ralph and his team have done and are doing very well. On every front I see real progress. The petty criticisms of him by the opposition groups are laughable.{{more}}

The latest criticism is that he is travelling too much. Earlier this year, when the salacious allegations against him were at the peak, he chose in his normal way to attend a particular regional meeting. The Opposition said he could not travel. Shortly after that he went to several other regional gatherings, and to Turkey, Austria, and Mexico on official visits. The Opposition went silent.

Recently, the Prime Minister went to six cities in the UK and Europe to promote the off-shore sector. He was criticized for useless travel. On that trip, he addressed the prestigious Oxford Union, the first Caribbean Leader to have been invited to do so. The opposition forces went furious. Other high-level invitations to speak followed. This made the Opposition even more mad. Clearly, Comrade Ralph has things to say which interest people. Nobody invites Arnhim Eustace anywhere. He has nothing to offer. Ralph raises our nation’s prestige.

So, let’s thank God for our PM.

Ephraim Burke