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Drive out negative values that enslave our youths

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EDITOR: Those words are the introduction to the Reggae Song called the “Bubbler”, sung by “Guinea Pepper”, an artiste from Jamaica. This so-called Reggae song “Bubbler” has seemingly become a major hit among the populace, if the frequency with which it is played on our FM radio stations is anything to go by.{{more}}

After hearing this so-called reggae song which is promoting the use of Marijuana being aired so many times on our FM radio stations, I felt obliged to write this letter to state how disgusted I am that we as a society have once again failed in our moral and social obligation.

The lyrics are so compelling. Children as young as five are chanting “We lick de challis…” to and from school. How heartbreaking this is. In a time when criminal activity is skyrocketing as never before in our nation’s history, and in their quest for market share, our FM radio stations continue to play music with lewd and obscene lyrics promoting violence, drug use, disrespect to women etc.

How long will this trend continue? Will you continue to say: “We play what the people want to hear,” or will you do what is right and attack the negative vibes plaguing our society?

My good friends, we have to make sure that the society in which we live is one of decency and truthfulness. So, help a brother and sister to stay in school, or help that youngster to kick that drug habit. Let’s drive out the negative values that enslave so many of our youths.

If, however, you wish to continue such negative attitudes, fine, no problem, but “Keep it to yourself,” according Queen Ifrika.

Concerned Youth