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Beware of those paedophiles and drug dealers

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Editor: The issue of sports management has been a subject of great importance to many people in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the world over.{{more}}

I want to touch on two areas that in my opinion have been overlooked. These issues are the involvement of paedophiles and drug dealers (whether they were convicted here in St. Vincent, the United States or Europe or even in the Caribbean) who have been given the responsibility to coach and manage people’s children.

Let me focus on the paedophiles. These individuals target sports because of the number of young persons involved. For example, out of a group of one hundred children, they are hoping to catch five in their web, and they do so by gaining the confidence of the parents of these young and vulnerable kids.

There have been numerous reports on this sinister act, and all we do is to brush the issue aside, and yet we wonder why so many of our girls and boys are growing up to be lesbians and homosexuals.

Some of these paedophiles can be found in organizations where they have lots of confidence, so with this influence and money they target sports. This must be monitored by persons who can do something about it, and the authorities must create a paedophile list and places where these sadists live.

The drug dealer: The guys get involved with sports so as to hide their habits and disguise their mode of business and also to teach our young men and women how to get rich quick by encouraging them to become drug mules and pushers.

This is certainly dangerous, and this, too, must be monitored by the relevant authorities so as to minimize the risk of our young people going down a path that can be detrimental to them and their families. Finally, I am calling on all parents to be vigilant and to screen persons properly before giving their children to any coaches or managers within the sporting arena.

Concerned Parent