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We hope that we are now older and wiser

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Editor: Since St. Vincent and the Grenadines acquired its independence from Great Britain on October 27, 1979, every year around the time of independence our thoughts focus on

the national development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and particularly the good aspects of the country.{{more}}

This year the good aspects include the celebration of the centenary of the St. Vincent Grammar School, the Kingstown Public Library and the birth of the late Mrs. Gwendolyn Jack, of Ratho-Mill, all hallmarks that are of immense value to Vincentian society.

The independent journey is one that is complex, and the challenges are many. It is a beginning and not an end. As we look at ways in which to foster decency, integrity, respect and appreciation of each other, we are reminded of the many before us who from a global perspective have lived through political systems dealing with slavery, colonialism, communism, apartheid and racism, to name a few.

After twenty-nine years of independence, we hope that we are now older and wiser. We like to think that experience is never over-rated.

Cheryl King