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Please remove debris after clean-up exercise

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Editor: Residents of the Bay Hill, Cane Garden community are asking for the removal of garbage and debris left on the sidewalk and on the verges of the gutters leading to residents’ homes.{{more}}

About two weeks ago, a cleanup group was sent to the area to clean the gutters and the roads; this was really appreciated by residents as well as commuters. However, all of the debris, including old tires and cans, was not taken away; a situation which can lead to the drains being blocked up again causing erosion and the breeding of mosquitoes.

We are asking that help be sent to remove the debris and to clear the road and sidewalk and also to take care of the pre-existing condition of the road, which needs some work as there are many potholes and the road is getting worse.

Any help that can be given by the necessary authorities will be deeply appreciated.

Residents of Bay Hill