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Dealing with road and traffic issues

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Editor: I must first of all, though belatedly, compliment the Principal and staff of the Troumaca Ontario Secondary school for the improvement shown in last external exams, and if my memory serves me right, they have shown, for the rural secondary schools, the biggest improvement.{{more}}

I had on several occasions written about the roads on the Leeward side of the island. I like to once again bring to focus the conditions of the roads. Not only are the roads on the Leeward in need of dire repairs, but also the Green Hill road is in a deplorable condition.

We know we are facing hard economic times globally. However, some consideration should be given the vehicle owners who have to travel on these roads daily. One wonders why it that the road from Barrouallie to Lowmans is left neglected. Daily it is becoming worse. These conditions will give rise to accidents and damaging of parts on vehicles.

I must also compliment the authorities for clearing the landslides on the North Leeward highway, thus making it easier for the vehicles. These landslides were many times located in the corner of the roads. Thanks.

I think it is time some quick action is taken about the trucks that deposit loose stone and also sand on the road while transporting these materials.

Finally, I once again call upon the traffic department to please put a bus stop in front of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority. There is always a large number of customers who go at the CWSA daily to pay bills. We know it is illegal to let down and pick up passengers in front of the CWSA and the drivers can be charged.

Thank you for giving heed to these road and traffic issues.

Kennard King