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Has ULP forgotten Glenn Jackson?

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Editor: I sit and remember the late Glenn Jackson on a daily basis, why? He was my very best friend. I miss him! Why? He made an outstanding contribution to this country. What, one might ask. Let me remind persons: Changing the political landscape of this country by getting rid of the New Democratic Party (NDP) using his Shake Up programme on We Fm (99.9).{{more}} Glenn helped the Unity Labour Party (ULP) to get in office or in power, according to our Prime Minister Hon. Ralph Gonsalves. Why does it appear that the ULP has forgotten Glenn? Was his death in vain? Should ULP remind us about Glenn? Glenn was a great man in every way, ask Dr. Slater, Minister Baptiste, Minister Sayers how effective he was in getting them into office.

I think the ULP has a responsibility to remind us about Glenn, but they are not doing that, why? Out of sight means out of mind. It’s a shame that ULP has forgotten him, once I am alive I’ll always remember him. I cannot be so ungrateful like the ULPs. Let’s give some thought to what he did and tell me if you don’t agree with me that the ULP should put aside a day as a political party to remember him. I will be at the ULP’s convention to see and hear what would be said about Glenn, a former member. May God bless his soul.

We have Hans King who’s trying his best to fill Glenn’s shoes; some say he is the “Mighty Explainer”; others think he is a Glenn “wanna be”. Whenever the next election is called, we will see how effective Glenn was after it’s over, then we will say Glenn is really missed. The people of this country thought a lot about Glenn, time will tell, and then ULP will say the man Glenn was great, unforgettable Glenn.

Your very best friend

Kingsley De Freitas