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What are we doing about violence by women against men?

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Editor: We have often heard about violence against women and ladies being abused. But we are not hearing about abuse against men. The truth is there has always been violence against men. Though it is not reported, or if it does not it is not taken seriously.

Can you imagine that it seems in our courts, that ladies have more rights than men? A man will treat his lady very good, but yet she still has another man for the love of money. She would have child/children for a man, they got separated, the man has to pay for maintenance, yet the child never receives the money. It goes to the lady. That same lady will demand so much from the child’s father, plus the one she is with.{{more}}

Here’s a true situation. Two persons were living together for many years. They produced children. The mother walks out of the lives of the man and the children. The children live with the father. The mother takes the father to family courts for maintenance, when in fact the children live with the father.

The Courts then order the father to pay for child support. Is that abuse against men? How could a father pay for child support when the children are living with the father and not the mother? Who receives the money for the child support, is it the mother when they are not living with her. How sad!

There are many such cases in this Country. Many of our men suffer injustices from the Courts and have to abide with it.

Their women have other men and they are sometimes verbally and physically abused, but men are always wrong it seems in the Courts.

These injustices sometimes can lead to violent behaviour in men. Then the men are painted as abusive and ladies as angels. It is time that there is a balance, and some attention is placed on men. Then we can have also a reduction in violent behaviour.

Thank you.

Kennard King