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ULP beyond 2010

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EDITOR: I know our Prime Minister quite well and I admire him. Before he became Prime Minister he said to me if ever he’s given a chance to become Prime Minister he would like to serve two terms as Prime Minister. What surprised me is when I heard Dr. Gonsalves say he is going to beat Mr. Eustace for the third time. It appears that Dr. Gonsalves has had a change of mind. I notice the Unity Labour Party is preparing themselves for change like appointing three new senators. The Prime Minister’s son, Camillo Gonsalves is working in the Attorney General’s Office; and Sir Vincent’s son was given an appointment in the Ministry of Housing, Transport and Works and then became Minister. Dr. Jerrol Thompson got his chance from his father. Why I bring this to your attention is Dr. Gonsalves as Prime Minister took his son to Ethiopia and Jamaica. The question is, did Camillo Gonsalves go to Libya just before election? If so, for what I don’t know!

Is Prime Minister Gonsalves taking his son to get him acclimatized for leadership? I used to think the Honourable Rene Baptiste would replace Dr. Gonsalves as Prime Minister but I notice he has demoted her. Why, sir?{{more}}

Sir Louis says he is leaving soon; so from what is left of the members of the Unity Labour Party leadership will be a problem. Look beyond 2010 and tell me if there is not a problem of leadership. This is where Minister Glen Beache, Senator Richard Williams, Camillo Gonsalves and Jomo Thomas will be vying for leadership of the Unity Labour Party, but I tell you something, once Dr. Gonsalves is around, his son will become leader, that’s why he is taking him everywhere to get him acclimatized for leadership. Sometime ago I heard Prime Minister Gonsalves saying to the new Senators that they will have to show what they are made of. Is that a threat?

Remember what happened to former Senator Andrea Young? She failed! Once you fail under the Unity Labour Party, that’s the end of your political career. So look out, Senator Williams, all eyes are on you. So the leadership of ULP will eventually end up between Minister Glen Beache and Camillo Gonsalves.

We all remember what happened between Sir Vincent and Dr. Gonsalves. As bright and clever as Minister Beache is, he can’t change the trend – A Gonsalves must be leader of the Unity Labour Party. Why lawyers? PR Campbell and Mr. Stalky John failed to become Prime Ministers. I would like to see that changed! The Unity Labour Party would live on because the Labour factor is dead. It’s all MNU!! I am encouraging readers to put this article up in their archives because one day you will say – I did tell you so!

Kingsley DeFreitas