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Cinema in dire need of cleaning

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Editor: I recently came back to SVG for a short Christmas vacation.

I decided to go to the movies on Monday, December 19, only to be told that only one movie was showing.

After a short while of contemplating whether or not to pay my hard earned $10 to see Get Rich or Die Trying, I decided to watch it since I had already made the journey.{{more}}

It got worse from there. The Cinema smelt horrible. The broken seat tore my jeans pocket and, worst of all, there were HUGE RATS running around in the theatre, who seemed to be having more fun at the movies than I.

I am sure that a great amount of money was earned since it is the lone cinema and on behalf of everyone who attends I would like to ask the owner to: Clean up the cinema, fix the seats, fix the toilets, get rid of the rats and try to make the movie going experience fun once more and up to par with others within the world. Cleaning and maintenance is a natural cost of business.

Disgusted Movie Goer