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Teach our children the Lord’s Prayer

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Editor: The famous Our Father’s Prayer ought to be known by the smallest child. Sadly, though many children seldom know Our Father’s Prayer.

This prayer is a model given by the Lord as to how we ought to pray.

Many persons emphasize that this prayer ought to be said daily in churches, schools and homes. However, careful thought must be put into saying the Lord’s prayer and much understanding as to what the words of the prayer is asking of us.{{more}}

We often say the prayer without understanding it. It is said like a recitation. When we say this prayer, many times on a daily basis, yet do not forgive others, then we are praying a lie. Because in the prayer it is asking the Lord to forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us.

Ladies and gentlemen, more can be said about the Lord’s Prayer, but to make it as a recitation and enforce it is legalistic. Prayer must come from the heart. It must be a person’s personal expression to God.

I dare say that though we are saying the Lord’s Prayer, we have not been doing what it says. It is no wonder we continue to have hatred and unforgiveness in our heart and that’s why there is so much murder in our land.

I therefore ask that we think seriously about our prayer to God and pray with understanding and meaning. Most of all, may we as Vincentians forgive those that trespass against us if we want to be forgiven by God.

Remember that love is the answer, not hatred and malice.

Kennard King