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It is God who heals, not man

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Editor: We must never doubt that healing of physical ailments are possible.

It is however important to realize that not all who claim to be faith healers are really from God. Thus we must be careful of the many persons who use Christianity to enrich themselves financially and otherwise, by claiming to perform miracles and heal the sick. {{more}}

Interestingly, the famous Benny Hinn, whom many persons listened to and loved, in a documentary on the Internet, claims that his power comes from a deceased sister named Kathryn.

In a recent documentary seen on HBO, it was shocking and sad, to say the least, hearing of testimonies where many persons went to Benny Hinn to be healed. They gave large sums of money to his ministry expecting to be healed, only to have the sad experience of their loved one dying days after Benny Hinn touched them. Some who were in wheelchairs, on investigation, it was found out that they were never sick at all. Benny Hinn himself admitted being puzzled that someone would come to him in a wheelchair, walk about freely.

There are testimonies of people who became more sick following their encounter with Benny Hinn. This same man admits to having his ownprivate plane and luxurious houses. Yet, sadly enough, people are led to believe that they must give to this man, for he can heal them.

While we must not doubt the power of Almighty God to heal, we must be careful with those who present themselves as faith healers, for many will come claiming to have power from God. It is God who heals, and not man.

We must seek the Lord for direction in everything. Prov. 3: 5,6.

Kennard King