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Playing the blind lead the blind

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Editor: It is said that if you know where you came from you will know where you are going.

With the exception of the basic political history that exists, this country is in an archival mess. {{more}} With the exception of Dr. Kenneth John, who must have saved every newspaper he ever purchased, every programme of events he was ever issued, every invitation of functions he was ever invited to and every pamphlet he has ever read, there is no one else who speaks and/or writes about events of our recent past with any factual authority.

By now many of you are saying, this self-proclaimed fool does not know what he is speaking of! Let me challenge any Vincentian to provide answers to a few questions with a level of accuracy.

l Medicine: What was the name of the first doctor to be assigned to St. Vincent and the Grenadines; who was the first Vincentian doctor to be licensed in SVG, the first Vincentian doctor to perform a surgical procedure in SVG and the first Vincentian nurse to be formally trained?

l Law: What was the first case to be tried in SVG; who was the first Vincentian lawyer to be called to the bar and what was the first case he tried as a professional, in what court and before which member of the bench did he try that case?

l How old is Kingstown?

l Journalists: What is the name of the first newspaper to be published in SVG and the name of its editor? Who was the first journalist to write a story in SVG, who was the first Vincentian to be formally trained in journalism, and who was the first announcer to be heard on radio in SVG? Who were the first people to send a live report via radio from Mount La Soufriere; who and which station facilitated that transmission?

l Business: What is the name of the first company to be officially registered in SVG and what was the nature of the company?

l Education: When was the formal school system organized in SVG? What was the name of the first school, and its head teacher?

l Police: Who was the first police constable to be enlisted in SVG, the first commissioner of police, and first black police officer?

l Sports: In what year, and who was responsible, for introducing your sport to SVG; what year was the first organized tournament held; how many teams participated; name two teams that participated; name the first National team to represent SVG.

I really do not expect anyone to answer any of the questions above. Not that they don’t want to provide answers but because they just downright cannot answer the questions. We don’t know where we came from; we haven’t the slightest clue as to where we are and there is tremendous confusion as to where we should go and how we should get there. This is why Vincentians’ favourite pastime is playing the “blind lead the blind”.

Allan Palmer