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Mini-bus drivers – PLEASE show some consideration

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?This is a very sincere plea to all mini van drivers from one who is fed up and greatly burdened, having to endure the loud and sometimes obscene “music” (noise) played by some inconsiderate van drivers. {{more}}

It is deeply disturbing that the playing of such filthy and loud “music” has become so normal that when one objects to it, he is regarded as strange and old-fashioned, not only by the driver and conductor, but by fellow passengers who actively or passively encourage this sort of inconsideration for others.

Undoubtedly, this meaningless “music” has many negative and lasting effects which include:

Promoting violence – by use of hostile lyrics; encouraging sexual immorality, e.g. recommending the use of condoms rather than abstinence, and derogatory remarks toward females; contributing to youth hyperactivity as some youth find difficulty concentrating in their classrooms, often busy humming the lyrics of these songs.

Here are a few suggestions to aid in discouraging this problem:

Play some pleasant soothing hymns so that your passengers can face the new day with soberness of mind.

Encourage meaningful debates in the vans which could serve to edify all hearers. Make use of “news stations” – passengers can be informed about local, regional and international affairs.

Lastly, but not least, you can choose to drive in silence. Give the passengers a chance to observe the scenes of nature like the lush vegetation, the calm of the sea, the sound of the wind and the birds (which is sweeter than the noise with which you bombard the ear).

If serious measures are not taken soon to address this worsening situation, this writer predicts that very soon a large percentage of mini bus users will be diagnosed with deafness. May Yahweh preserve those of us who do not have personal transport, thus having to choicelessly endure the situation.

Ann-Marie John