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Jerry turning Inside Out show upside down

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Editor: Last Sunday night, Vincentians were treated to the most ridiculous and disgraceful “Inside Out” programme on St. Vincent and the Grenadines National television.

The interviewer, Jerry George, with all the experience he claims to have, did an extremely poor job.{{more}}

George seemed to get confused over which role he was playing that night. He continuously asked questions and then refused to let his guest, Minister Julian Francis, answer the questions. Since when does an interviewer ask questions and then try to answer his own questions? If that is the way, why bring a guest on the programme?

I waited and waited to hear the answers from Minister Francis, but he was always rudely interrupted by George who seemed to have his own answers.

Now, I am not a supporter of any party. In fact, I am not even a Vincentian, but I have been involved in the media for over 25 years and have been following politics in the Caribbean for years. So I have no axe to grind with anybody. What I wanted to hear were the issues surrounding the cross country road, what impact this road would have on the environment – both positive and negative – and what plans government had to speak to those issues. The Minister kept saying that an environmental study will be done and changes to the route of the road will be made in any instant to minimise any negative impact the construction of that road may have on the environment.

From what I heard, and George doesn’t seem to understand, is that any project of that type is bound to have some negative effect on the environment, and this is understandable. But some of these projects must be undertaken for the physical improvement and the good of the country. I remember some years ago in Barbados when the late Prime Minister Tom Adams was planning to build the major highway, the Opposition kicked up against constructing it. Now, people are saying, without it Barbados would not be where it is today, in terms of progress. In fact, people there are saying the government should add more lanes now. That was the foresight of the Adams government. One must wonder why George started the programme with the question: “People are saying Julian Francis must go. Are you going at all?” If George, as he kept saying, didn’t want the programme to go down that political line, why didn’t he keep that question for last? Wouldn’t that make more sense?

George seems to be towing a certain party line. And it was very easy to see from his line of questioning and answering his own questions. The more he climbed into that interview, the more he was in clear danger of showing the colour of his party’s tail.

Jerry, you just can’t invite people to a programme, question them and try to put words in their mouths. It would be more interesting to let your guests answer the questions, or your viewers wouldn’t be any wiser when the show is finished.

If you think this is not a good suggestion, then maybe you should write the answers to your questions on a piece of paper and give them to your guests.

George, watch out, your slip is showing.

Jude Knight