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May God bless you, Sister Patricia Caruth

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Editor: This is to commend the work of a nursing veteran, Senior Nursing Officer (SNO) Community Sister Patricia Caruth.

“You are an outstanding person, who worked hard to promote nursing in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Having the ability to give and care for others, you laboured fervently to achieve your goals. {{more}}

“As a kindhearted, conscientious and concerned person, you looked out for your clients and colleagues. Working with you over these years I can report today, that you are my inspiration.

“Mrs. Caruth, you are one of those persons who is a contributor to my upward mobility. I have worked as a trained nursing assistant, and you are the one who influenced me to apply for the post as a registered nurse (RN). You actually took my application by hand to the Ministry of Health and the Environment, and followed-up on it until my name was literally called over the radio for interview.

“Thanks for serving the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. You are truly patriotic. Spend some time for, and with, yourself during your retirement; I know you have fulfilled life’s goals that involved your family, career and the society, looking back over your life and accepting its meaning. Through it all God has been good to you.

“God looks beyond our faults and he sees our needs. May His richest blessings continue to overtake you and your family. “I love you.”

Juliana Green-Peters