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It is serious!

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Stalking the Land

While we slumber, violent crime keeps unmasking its ugly visage throughout our land. Yes, slumber indeed, for as our consciences rest crime marches on pointedly ignored. Yet the pain, anguish and despair are everywhere.

Nowhere seems to be safe or holy ground. Armed to the teeth with weapons of lethal destruction, criminals now roam free in open pursuit of prey. {{more}}For many practitioners and would be practitioners it would seem that violence conjures up notions of romanticism and even heroism. When it is too late they all come to learn that violence is the cradle for more violence.

The fact of the matter is that the causes of violence range wide and far, from issues anthropological to cultural to socio-economic.


This article, however, is not about judgment but about challenge. Society is challenged to go into serious self-examination in order to root out the root causes of runaway violent criminal conduct. In fact, each and every one of us must be involved. It is our problem, if not today then tomorrow. So the church, the home, the school, the press, the NGO’s and indeed the Government all have an important part to play. It is now an urgent imperative that we re-commit ourselves to be tough on crime and on the causes of crime. It is no easy way but we must not runaway.

Commission of Inquiry

Suggestions have been made for the setting up of a Commission of Inquiry, with far reaching terms of reference and comprising of multi-disciplinary personnel, to examine the causes of crime and to recommend approaches and solutions where possible. This matter is clearly “of sufficient public importance” to warrant action now.

Now! Now!

It is high time to gird our loins. It is time to forget boastful rhetoric, meaningless “old talk” and even sincere, actionless intentions. Do I have to repeat that creative action is past due? You and I know that crime destroys our cherished freedoms, hurts our economy and undermines the very fabric and the precious tendrils which hold the spirit and flesh of community together.

Living Nightmare

Living with this living nightmare dwarfs our whole being, chiseling out a veritable jungle like existence for us all. Is that what we want in preference to a culture of civilized and peaceful co-existence?