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Who was the victim?

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Editor: It is now over a year since the horrific, reckless tragedy on Back Street, Monday, September 1, 2003, which caused the demise of Anastasius Dominique Lewis, formerly of Battery Hill/Campden Park.
Posthumously, I’d like to express the grief felt by all who knew and loved him, the psychological impact, especially on his children and their mothers. {{more}}Yes, his children, contrary to Kamara George’s defence attorney. The impassiveness of George and others. His continued defiance with no apology. The criterion of the judicial system; the deceitful insurance company. No sympathy.
The judicial system concurred with being considerate to George who was first classified as the accused, then the perpetrator, now a victim. What about the original victims, Tas’ children, their mothers, his nephew, his sisters and brothers along with the other sympathizers?
In regard to those persons who said that I contributed to my son’s demise and to the “sentencing” of Kamara George, this is totally ludicrous.
In conclusion: I am obliged to Tas and especially to his children: Tasian, Dominique and Anastasius Jr.

Tas’ Dad, Andre Lewis