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Dickson’s first year report card

Dickson’s first year report card

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Last Monday, November 23, marked one year since affiliates of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation chose Carl Dickson over Marvin Fraser and Patrick Horne, to head the organisation.

One year after, this column is taking a critical look at Dickson’s tenure thus far.

Not new to football administration, but new at the national level, Dickson’s ten-point plan formed the pillar of his campaign just over a year ago.

Among his major points were the implementation of a development structure to serve the technical development of footballing skills and techniques from the youth level to the senior level for both men and women.

He also promised the revamping of the Youth Programme and the development of the human resources.

Additionally, Dickson planned to work with FIFA and the government to secure a “Home For Football”.

Too, he cited an overhaul of the secretariat, thus facilitating the professionalisation of its operations, likewise the personnel.

Dickson advanced the idea of at least a semi-professional league for St Vincent and the Grenadines; the revamping of the SVGFF’s constitution, the re- branding of the SVGFF and to enrich the Vincy Heat brand, the creation of a Hall of Fame and the building and deepening of the relationship with the Diaspora as a strategic partner.

And, he promised the creation of a strategic plan to encapsulate the ten-point vision and an 85th FIFA ranking for St Vincent and the Grenadines and 9th in CONCACAF, by the end of 2023.

His plans, on hindsight, would have resonated with the affiliates, which would have led to his eventual election over the other two candidates.

A closer look at Dickson’s plans, one would acknowledge that they are achievement goals, which are attainable within his four-year tenure, save and except the ambitious rankings on FIFA and CONCACAF listings.

Therefore, there are some which were possible during the period, notwithstanding the interference of the travails associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

So in dissecting Dickson’s leadership style, and what has been achieved since his induction, this column would rate him at 7 out of a maximum 10.

His report card would show that he scored highly on developing an internal financial system that would engender greater accountability and the streamlining of spending of the SVGFF’s financial resources.

Too, with work being done on the strategic plan for the organisation, which would map out the development of the sport, is another of the pluses of Dickson’s leadership.

Dickson would have gained some marks for making some strides in the planned retooling of persons who occupy desks in the secretariat, as well as the administrative training of members of his executive.

The latter has been a bug-bear that has plagued the organisation for many years, so it is good to see the “wishy – washy” style of football administration being booted out.

Whilst there may be plans behind the scenes, Dickson would get demerit points for not being more forceful and urgent in readjusting the technical configuration of the sport, inclusive of personnel changes.

This also involves the bedrock of our football, the youth programme, which over the past 12 months could have been given more attention.

Dickson, thus has another three years to serve the football public of St Vincent and the Grenadines and deliver on the ten-point plan that he offered as the pathway to improvement.

In going forward though, Dickson, in spite of his phlegmatic disposition, has to be more hands-on with some of the issues of football. This, in no way advocating him to begin micro managing.

Whilst one understands fully that empowerment of the support cast is critical in their administrative advancement, Dickson must equally be cognisant that he is the face of the executive, and their shortfalls can and will disfigure his features and that of the organisation.

This column awaits the next 12 months of his tenure, as he moves to tick off more of his ten- point plan. Also, affiliates are looking forward to the fulfillment of the mandate and more so lead the organisation in a most efficacious manner .