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Give sport some more attention

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it has long been established that St. Vincent and the Grenadines possess immense sporting talent. There needs, however, to be more support in the form of facilities on which the emerging generation could be encouraged to enhance their natural gifts. {{more}}

But there exists a casual approach to the provision of sporting facilities. There is a lack of appreciation of the value of sport as a vehicle for advancement for every community, and communities are being told to share facilities since every place cannot have its own. Villagers, residents or sporting bodies should not have to jostle for use of facilities.

The revolution in education must be complimented by a similar thrust toward sporting amenities. The National Stadium is long overdue and we can’t wait to begin using it to bring our sporting and economic fortunes further up to scratch.

For unless we take advantage of our God-given blessings, we are going to find it difficult in continuing hostile global situations.

It must be soothing to Park Hill residents to know that they will soon have a facility on which Under 19 Windward Cricket matches for that measure could be played. There are other playing fields either recently reconstructed, refurbished or under construction at Grammar School, Richmond, Petit Bordel, Cumberland, Layou, Keartons, Rose Hall, London, Arnos Vale, Stubbs, North Union, Bequia, for certain. But I am sure that there are other areas that could do with something of their own.

The people in the Penniston Valley have been anticipating the completion of a playing field for the longest while.

Area representatives and ministers of government have to take the provision of playing fields as a contributing factor of human development. And when communities cry out for facilities, politicians must respond.

Because when the crime rate escalates, there will be no one else to blame. How often has it been said that “Satan finds work for idle hands.”

St. Vincent and the Grenadines retain a relatively young population, even though the trend of the aging population shows signs of increasing. The construction of hard courts appeared to have been a move in some direction to address the issue of sporting amenities, but there have been some attendant logistical factors, which have hampered the smooth operation of those inputs.

Continue with the work of improving the nation’s sporting stock, for there is nothing better than to have a fit and healthy population.