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Jimmy Samuel strings his lights for yet another year + video

Jimmy Samuel strings his lights for yet another year + video
Jimmy Samuel

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The moon was more than three quarters full last Wednesday, but one house in Rillan Hill was giving it fair competition with its display of Christmas lights and decorations. 

Over the span of around six weeks, 81-year-old Jimmy Samuel worked by himself in the hot sun putting up countless lights, even those that had to be strung on the roof or other difficult to reach areas. 

The fruits of his labour can now be enjoyed by the community and the Vincentian public every night from sundown following the flipping of the switch after a short blessing on December 15.


Samuel, a churchgoing man, decided on the theme “Christ is Christmas” with a dedicated display for the Cross, Mary and Joseph which persons see when they enter the gate. 

“Because when you come in here, you come into a good home…I hope,” he said, “…so I trust when everybody coming in here they will be happy when they leave because the one thing you do, treat people the best you can.”
Samuel has been religiously decking the house since 2006, and every Christmas he may get dozens to hundreds of curious visitors who want to behold the lights. 

To take on the light up task means a hefty electricity bill and buying scores of new lights every year. When asked why he goes to this effort, Samuel said he doesn’t know but after a short contemplation, noted that it is because it is fun and he likes doing it. 

This year, because of his health, he had been considering letting it be, but decided in the end that he would string the lights. 

While Samuel did not enter himself for the Nine Mornings light up competition, he was informed that the judges would be visiting his house this week. 

“I will wish the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year and I doing these lights just for them,” Samuel told SEARCHLIGHT. He added: “I hope this Covid will give us a break so we could start visiting one another again.”