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Participants hopeful after completing aesthetics training

Participants hopeful after completing aesthetics training
14 YOUNG ADULTS who graduated from a six-week masseuse course hosted by the Adult and Continuing Education Division, in co-operation with the National Qualifications Department

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YOUTHS WHO recently completed a masseuse course locally are excited about the possibilities that their new skills will bring them.

The six-week course, which was facilitated by the Adult and Continuing Education Division, in co-operation with the National Qualifications Department (NQD), was administered by aesthetician Joanna Christopher- Joseph.

Christopher-Joseph told SEARCHLIGHT recently that the certificate awarded through the course will enable participants to work not only in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) but throughout the region as well.

Over the six-week period, 14 young adults from across the country converged in Layou to learn techniques related to massage therapy and facials.

“We didn’t only do massage and facials; we had our daily devotions. I taught them about being strong, I taught them about not because they’re touching people intimately or naked, that they should sell themselves short. Don’t make anybody try to get pleasure from them.

Stick to their professionalism…” the aesthetician said.

When SEARCHLIGHT spoke with some of the participants on August 18, they were completing some practical aspects before the course officially came to an end.

For Simonique Jack, the course represented something that she always wanted to do.

The Biabou resident told SEARCHLIGHT that there are a lot of hardworking people in her community, and knowing that she is perhaps among the few residents from Biabou who have completed a course like this, she is excited to be able to utilise her skills locally.

She also thinks it offers a good opportunity for her to start a business.

Now that they have completed this course, becoming an entrepreneur is also a possibility for Kimberly Huggins as well as Calleisha Phillips.

“I have a passion for it and…I want to be successful, try to get my certificate and open up my own business and do what I do best. I would encourage others to do it to try getting a skill so at the end of the day, they can help themselves, their children or their family. I’d like to thank the Ministry of Education for this programme to help out young people because it’s really helping us,” 25-year-old Huggins said. Phillips said she missed the first two weeks of the course but decided to participate nonetheless because of a passion she has for aesthetics.

“My favourite part is where I learned to do facials. I didn’t expect that was part of the programme but when I learned it was a part of the programme, I grabbed the opportunity and I enjoyed doing facials,” she said, noting that the material covered exceeded her expectations.

Like many other participants, she is hoping to start her own business, so she can eventually create employment for others, and perhaps pass on the knowledge she has accumulated.

Cuban nationals, Leslie Hernandez and Christian Hernandez also sang praises about the course.

“I think massage therapy is something that helps people to feel better, it helps with their muscles and I think it’s very wonderful and beautiful to see how this can help people… now it’s even more interesting for me because the course was great,” Leslie told SEARCHLIGHT.

Both Leslie and Christian see massage therapy as an important aspect of health, which helps relieve tension and make people feel better.

Christian said he was particularly pleased with the techniques he learnt and he believes more people need to know about it “because anyone around you could have a pain and it’s really helpful…” “It’s something that most people think is something… that doesn’t do too much but it’s not like that. It really helps a lot,” he said.