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Cleaner is latest Lotto jackpot winner

Cleaner is latest Lotto jackpot winner
Jackpot winner Martina Mavis Lee (left), accepts her cheque from General Manager of the NLA McGregor Sealey

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Being awoken suddenly in the wee hours of the morning is never a good feeling, but with Martina Mavis Lee, it was different.  

Lee is the winner of the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) Friday June 25 jackpot of $330,000.00.  

During the handing over ceremony on Wednesday at the NLA’s office in Paul’s Avenue, Lee said she sent her nephew to purchase a Play 4 ticket on June 25 and told him if he didn’t get the Play 4 he should buy a quick pick lotto ticket.  

“I never see him Friday…Saturday morning I was sleeping and I heard my door bombing down about 6 o clock, and then I said ‘why you behaving like that? and he said’, ‘wake, wake, we win the lotto’ so I rise up and I hold the ticket,” Lee said at the ceremony that was streamed live on Facebook.   

Lee, a cleaner at Hot 97.1 FM for the last 15 years said she has no plans for the money but, “I will find a plan for it.” 

She did not say if rewarding her nephew for his honesty was part of her plans.

General Manager of the NLA McGregor Sealey, encouraged Lee to make good use of the money. 

“I have been here for a number of years, and from my vantage point, I have seen a lot of winners who have not spent the money wisely, and I want to encourage you to use this money wisely and to ensure that you make the money count within your life so that you would be at a different stage in your life years from now,” Sealey said.  

He also encouraged Lee to continue playing the NLA’s games, “as lightning might strike in the same place and you might win again.”