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Local swimwear line being launched today

Local swimwear line being launched today

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From today, swimsuit wearers have a new option when it comes to purchasing locally designed and made swimsuits thanks to Melissa Bonadie and her new line “Oshun”.

Local swimwear line being launched today

The line is being sold at Island Pop Swimwear, a store located in the Bonadie Plaza on Middle and Egmont Street. Island Pop is also owned and operated by Bonadie.

She told SEARCHLIGHT on Thursday that the “Oshun” swim wear is 100% Vincy, having been designed by her and made locally by China Primus and Pinky Todd-Williams of Pinky’s Creations.

“The Island Pop Swimwear Line is a brand inspired by modern Caribbean beach culture, from beach to poolside to boat ride.

“Oshun boasts an edgy, sexy style with a twist. It focuses on delivering unique styles, targeting the woman who walks confidently in her sexiness and femininity. Oshun is all things bright, bold and beautiful…” Bonadie commented.

She said that she wanted to keep “Oshun” strictly local and while she sells imported swimwear at the Island Pop store, she figured that it was time to take another step and create something local with her own flavour and spin.

“I wanted to just keep it local and see how that works out hence the reason that I am using China and Pinky”. Bonadie is confident that the local brand brings excitement to swimwear.

Local swimwear line being launched today

She said when she started Island Pop in 2019, she did so because it was hard to find a swimsuit store in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) and she, like many others, has a specific swimsuit style.

“I just want to bring to SVG something new, items you can’t find anywhere else. I wanted to create a local brand that brings excitement to swimwear,” Bonadie said.

She added that “Oshun” is inspired by the Caribbean beach culture and comes in sizes small to large.