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Record number of scholarships awarded to graduates of the SVGCC

Record number of  scholarships awarded to graduates of the SVGCC

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Of the 58 awardees of national scholarships/exhibitions/bursaries/special awards for the 2019/2020 academic year, 27 completed Associate degree programs, while 31 sat the 2020 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations(CAPE).

 In a press release dated March 27, the Government announced the record number of full or partial scholarships that the Cabinet approved for the 2020 graduates of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College(SVGCC). 

The wait for the announcement was longer than usual; the process seemingly hindered by the queries/reviews lodged following the release of examination results by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) on September 22, 2020. 

The office of the Prime Minister stated in the release that “of the fifty eight (58) awardees, twenty seven (27) are graduates of the various Associate Degree programmes developed or franchised by the Community College.” 

Of these 27 graduates of Associate Degrees, there is “one (1) person receiving a National Scholarship, one (1) person receiving an Exhibition Scholarship, three (3) individuals being granted a Developmental/Special Awards, and twenty two (22) others awarded Partial Scholarships/Bursaries.” 

 The 58 awards represent an increase of ten from the 48 given at the end of the 2018/2019 academic year.

 The number of national scholarships, 17, has climbed by seven from the 10 that were given to the 2019 graduates, while the 12 national exhibitions is four more than the eight awarded previously. 

There will be three special awards this time around, as opposed to the one named for 2019. However, the 26 bursaries granted is three fewer than the 29 given out in the year prior. 

 The 17 national scholars are led by 19-year-old Kelcey Alia Allen, who was awarded the top prize: the Prime Minister’s Award. The consistent academic will receive, in addition to her full five-year scholarship, a medal and $20,000.

 Following behind her is another name known in the education circles, Kyle DaSilva, who will receive a five-year scholarship, and $10,000. 

The 15 other national scholarship awardees are Ryanna Tammia Glynn, receiving the Robert Milton Cato Scholarship; Delaan Nedd, receiving the George Augustus McIntosh Scholarship; Heather Lakhram, awarded the Ebenezer Theodore Joshua Scholarship; Aaron DeFreitas, the Dr JP Eustace Scholarship; Nneka Mcmillan, the Sir Vincent Beache Scholarship; Zachery Richards, the Norma Keizer Scholarship; Zéshaunté Dalton, who was awarded the Bertram ‘Timmy’ Richards scholarship; Alana Delplesche, the Yvonne Francis-Gibson scholarship; Sheriese Sayers, the Alban Henry scholarship; Dandre Toney, the Festus Toney Scholarship; Ondré Foster, the Thomas Saunders Scholarship; Sariah Jackson, the CW Prescod Scholarship; Tirmoya Lewis, the Leopold Anthony Scholarship; Khalisa Peters, the Viola Johnson-Crichton scholarship and Surana Harry, the Viola Thomas scholarship. 

 National scholars are usually funded for five years of University Education, which include tuition and economic cost (as per University of the West Indies benchmarks), plus a monthly sum adequate for all living expenses (board and lodging) and associated expenses.  

For students in receipt of a national exhibition, three years of their university education will be funded by the state, during which they will receive the same benefits as national scholars. 

 The students receiving national exhibitions are: Gian Paul-Baker, Nicholi John, Keshawna Roberts, Jodeesha Ashton, Cimalon Hamilton, Tia James, Cidney Matthews, Shani Williams, Krystal Foster, Wesonne George, Alyssa Patterson and Darryl DeFreitas. 

“Three (3) graduates of the Division of Teacher Education have also been granted a three-year Developmental/Special Award in the area of Education, for their commendable performance in the Associate Degree in Teaching – Primary Education,” the release from the office of the Prime Minister stated.  

“Based solely on the age limit of twenty-one (21) years applied to the National and Exhibition Awards, they could not qualify under the aforementioned categories.  However, there is no fixed age limit for Developmental/Special Awards or Bursaries/Partial Awards,” the release explained.  

Abigail Paul-Kamara, Dillroy Texeira and Esther Smith are special award winners and will receive the same benefits as holders of exhibition scholarships.  

The bursaries given out this year are valued at $20,000 per year for three years, which is $5000 less than in 2019.  

The 26 persons who will be gifted bursaries are: Kelene Frederick, Nikki Lorraine, Rolano Nanton, Haquiem Noel, Megan Ollivierre, Aaliyah Nero, Natiesha Cordice, Ushia Myall, Sojurnah Barry, Meditza Ellis, Shavorn Foye, Kedesha Browne, Claudia Stephens-Forbes, Casia Moses, Allica Smart, Jemmel Williams, Shadell Williams, Fay-Ann Caesar, Aaliyah Adams, Shameca Butler, Sadiesha Bobb, Lanique Peniston, Kenisha Samuel, Anastasia White, Moesha Simmons and Tishorn Smart.