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Flow upgrades Sion Hill Hardcourt with wireless internet

Flow upgrades Sion Hill Hardcourt with wireless internet
Luke Browne and Flow Representative at the Sion Hill Hardcourt

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Leading telecommunications provider Flow, has once again committed to another community building initiative by providing wireless internet to support online learning in the community surrounding the newly refurbished hardcourt at Sion Hill.

The company said in a release that after becoming aware of a lack in internet access within the community, former Health Minister Luke Browne, contacted Flow about the educational challenges students were facing due to classes moving online.

The Sion Hill village hardcourt was singled out as a central location with adequate space and shelter to host future e-learning sessions while still being able to social distance responsibly.

Work on the installation took just under two weeks to complete, beginning on March 12, and ending on March 22.

Commenting on the project, Browne said, “by this act the company has shown that it is interested in things beyond the bottom-line. It (Flow) is concerned about the wellbeing of the communities,” which it serves.

“This provision of wireless internet here is going to help children who may need to access internet for the purpose of doing their schoolwork, especially at this time of restrictions associated with Covid-19,” added Browne about the project that was initiated through his Lighthouse Foundation.

“I can see already that the place has come alive as a result of wireless internet being in place. Flow, in this instance, has demonstrated it is really an excellent corporate citizen and we…look forward to working with the company in the future on similar initiatives, ” said Browne

Wayne Hull, Country Manager of Flow St Vincent, said the company was committed to connecting communities and transforming lives.

He added: “we were delighted to come to the assistance of the community of Sion Hill to provide high speed internet access to their hardcourt. Access to the internet is vital during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic and especially for the children who are now using the virtual classrooms for School”.

Hull thanked Browne and his foundation for spearheading the initiative on behalf of the Sion Hill Community.

The company said the wireless internet service at the hardcourt is now available at no extra cost to the former Minister and the Sion Hill community.