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Experienced ULP is best team to handle volcano threat – QC

Experienced ULP is best team  to handle volcano threat – QC
Queen’s Counsel Parnell Campbell

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Queen’s Counsel Parnell Campbell is glad that the Ralph Gonsalves administration is in office at this time of the volcano threat as he would have been uneasy if the situation were being handled by a new Government.

Campbell, on his television show “the Law and You” on SVGTV on January 4, recalled that when the general elections of November 5 had concluded, he had made certain comments.

“…That the Lord puts Governments into power and removes them from power, and I said the fact that ULP (Unity Labour Party) went back in meant that the Lord wanted them to go back in and that he had his reasons and that the Lord is not ready yet for the alternative,” the former attorney general in the New Democratic Party (NDP) administration revised.

“Oh, I got lambasted from NDP supporters. They said all manner of evil against Campbell, but Campbell was just repeating what basic Christian theology teaches us, that nothing happens in the Governmental sphere that is not sanctioned by the Lord,” he stated.

“I said the Lord is who put back the ULP and oh Lord …all hell broke loose. Campbell was this, Campbell that, shouldn’t say things like that,” he noted.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I for one I am glad that the Ralph Gonsalves administration is in office at this time of the volcanic threats,” he said.

Campbell further revealed that he would have felt “very uneasy” had this happened with a new Government in office, which he said is not to criticize those who would have made up this Government.

“…This is not to belittle them, but simply that experience has to be respected and there is no way persons without hands on experience could adequately handle a situation such as we have now,” Campbell opined.

He can sleep in the knowledge that the country is in sound, experienced hands, he said, because he has confidence in the Government’s judgment to deal with the situation.

“And when I say things like that it doesn’t matter to me who is annoyed. You could cuss me all you want. But I sleep better knowing that Ralph Gonsalves is in charge,” the veteran lawyer and politician stated.

“This is not to say he is perfect, this is not to say he hasn’t got his faults, like all of us he is a human being, he is not perfect at all, but the gentleman has nearly 20 years experience as Prime Minister and before that, 30 years’ experience as a political activist and a party functionary.”

Campbell also said he was heartened to hear the Prime Minister read out the list of Caribbean Countries that have offered hotel rooms in the event that persons need to be evacuated.

The Queen’s Counsel listed this as another benefit from having an experienced leader, who knows the other leaders in the region. “Everybody could pick up a phone and call Ralph and they’re on first name terms with the Prime Minister and I’m happy to know that,” he said.

Campbell indicated his intention to pray for the success of the scientists in finding out information and that citizens will be spared the worst, and asked persons to pray as well. He also asked that they cooperate fully with the authorities, noting that his family has already offered accommodation in their home to a family in Owia should the situation with the volcano become dire.