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NDP secures popular vote

NDP secures popular vote
SUPPORTERS of the New Democratic Party march into Kingstown for one of their mass rallies.

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THE UNITY LABOUR PARTY (ULP) may have gained the majority of seats in the November 5 General Elections, but it was the New Democratic Party (NDP) that won the popular vote.

And changes in all but two constituencies were also in favour of the NDP.

In Thursday’s elections, the ULP increased its margin of victory by one seat, winning nine seats while the NDP won six. But according to the preliminary tally, the NDP earned 32,847 votes – 494 more than the ULP.

In 2015, the main opposition party received 31,037 votes, which was 3219 fewer than the ULP.

The party increased its own votes in the 2020 General Elections by just over 1800 votes.

Whereas Nigel Stevenson, NDP’s candidate for South Leeward won his seat in 2015 by 118 votes, he was able to increase his margin of victory against first-time ULP candidate, Mineva Glasgow by 387 votes.

NDP candidates in West, Central and East Kingstown also increased their margins of victory against the ULP in this year’s outing at the polls.

Daniel Cummings, the representative for West Kingstown received 2488 votes on Thursday, 708 more than ULP’s candidate, Deborah Charles.

In 2015, Cummings won his seat by 444 votes and has managed to increase his margin of victory by more than 260 votes.

St Clair Leacock, NDP’s representative for Central Kingstown beat his opponent, Dominic Sutherland by 679 votes. This is 163 votes than he won with in 2015.

Fitz Bramble replaced former president of the NDP, Arnhim Eustace in one of the party’s stronghold constituencies, East Kingstown.

In his first outing at the polls, Bramble beat ULP candidate, Luke Browne by 241 votes. In 2015, Eustace’s margin of victory was 149, which means that Bramble was able to increase his votes by 92.

NDP also retained the Northern and Southern Grenadines constituencies, which are also considered strongholds of that party.

Dr Godwin Friday, NDP’s president and candidate for the Northern Grenadines gained 2123 votes in this week’s election, 1665 more than his opponent, Carlos Williams.

He increased his margin of victory from the 2015 Elections by 342 votes.

Whereas Terrance Ollivierre, the candidate for the Southern Grenadines won against ULP’s Edwin Snagg in 2015 by 412 votes, he won in the 2020 General Elections by 494 votes; 82 more than the previous year.

Though its candidates did not win in West and East St George, South Windward, South Central Windward, North Central Windward, North Windward and Marriaqua, NDP was also able to increase votes in those constituencies when compared to 2015.

The largest increase is seen in South Windward, where the NDP is represented by Noel Dickson.

Dickson, who went up against ULP’s candidate, Nigel Stephenson, lost in 2015 by a margin of 759 votes. In 2020, he lost by only 217 votes, which is as a result of an increase of just over 540 votes.

In East St George, NDP’s candidate, Laverne Velox lost to ULP’s Camillo Gonsalves by 186 votes. Velox was able to increase the number of votes for her party in the 2020 Elections by 421.

Kay Bacchus-Baptiste, NDP’s candidate in West St George also decreased ULP’s margin of victory by 221 votes while Bernard Wyllie, NDP’s candidate for Marriaqua decreased the ruling party’s margin of victory by 403 votes.

Shevern John, another first timer at the polls lost to ULP’s Montgomery Daniel in North Windward by 69 votes in the 2020 General Elections.

John, an educator, shaved 254 votes off of Daniel’s margin of victory when compared to 2015.

Dr Ralph Gonsalves, president of the ULP and candidate for North Central Windward won in 2015 with a margin of 2269 votes. This year, he won by 1967.

This is 302 fewer votes than he received five years ago.

NDP’s candidate for North Central Windward in the 2020 General Elections was Chieftain Neptune.

In South Central Windward, NDP’s Israel Bruce shaved 349 votes off ULP’s Saboto Caesar’s margin of victory in this election, when compared to 2015 results.

North Leeward, which has long been an NDP stronghold was captured by the ULP in this week’s elections.

Carlos James, ULP’s candidate for the area won with 2,287 votes – only 7 more than NDP’s candidate, Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews. In 2015, Matthews won by 12 votes. This represents a change by 19 votes to the ULP.

Dr Orando Brewster, ULP’s candidate for Central Leeward and a first time candidate received 2700 votes at the polls. He was able to increase the margin of victory against NDP’s Ben Exeter and won by more than 500 votes.

In 2015, the margin of victory between Sir Louis Straker, ULP’s former candidate and Exeter, was 313.

This means that Brewster was able to increase the margin of victory by over 200 votes.

Dr Godwin Friday, president of the NDP could not be reached yesterday for comment on the results of the 2020 General Elections.