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IHS hosts independence cooking competition

IHS hosts independence cooking competition
Teachers and students of the Intermediate High School at their Independence Cook-off

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A group of upper school students, led by their form teacher, is the winner of the Intermediate High School’s (IHS) 2020 Independence cooking and decoration competition.

The event was held on Thursday, October 22 to mark this country’s 41st Independence celebrations and was dubbed “Independence Cook-off” and had as its theme “The wonders of banana”.

Each class, with the help of the form teacher, had to plan and execute a dish featuring banana. The students also had to display the recipe along with the dish.

Each class also had to select a Caribbean country and creatively display that country’s national flag, coat of arms, national anthem, four historical sites and the national dish. A street dish of the country selected also had to be displayed.

Third form classes had to present a two-minute piece on historical facts of the country chosen. Eight of the 11 classes took part.

The competition was won by form five business/general with their banana cherry walnut bread. The national dish was fried roast breadfruit and fried jack fish from St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). The national drink, golden apple juice, was also on display with duccuna while the street food was roasted chicken. This group was led by teacher Kimberley Young-Compton.

In second place was form four technical with banana porridge. Trinidad and Tobago (T$T) was their country and they displayed as the street food pholourie and bakes and shark. This group was led by teacher Adika John.

Third place went to form one room one. They did a banana cake and banana pancake. Their chosen country was Guyana. This group was led by teachers Roniefa Clarke and Gabrielle Neverson.