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Layou Police Youth Club member loses section of leg to cancer

Layou Police Youth Club member loses  section of leg to cancer
Kentreal Kydd

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A 14-year-old member of the Layou Police Youth Club who was diagnosed with stage two bone cancer earlier this year, has had a section of his left leg amputated.

On July 4, in an attempt to help Barrouallie Secondary School student Kentreal Kydd, an active member of the Layou Police Youth Club, the club organized a fundraiser barbecue at the Layou waterfront, which was well supported.

These funds were to go towards medical treatment for Kydd, who was travelling to the Modern Medical Complex and Diagnostic Centre in Georgetown periodically for treatment.

However, his mother Alsene ‘Doolin’ Thomas says that her youngest subsequently underwent a scan of his foot, which showed that his cancer was progressing up his leg. When this was observed, the decision was taken to amputate 10 inches above the knee.

The teenager had the surgery on August 20.

“It was successful, he is doing well,” the mother said and that he is active, up and about, but the only thing is that he misses school.

She explained that her son was devastated about the surgery and he experienced phantom pain — painful sensations that seem to be coming from the part of the limb that was no longer there.

“Sometimes he just cry and say he want back his foot because he wants to come to school and stuff like that, but different than that he’s good,” the mother said about her son, who was an avid Steel Pan player.

Kydd tells her often that he wants to go back to school, but the teen has not yet been given the green light by the doctors.

In terms of schoolwork, arrangements have been made for e-learning, so that the form three student may keep up with his school work.

He currently has no pain, but should receive three sessions of chemotherapy every 21 days.

“…But they don’t have the drug as yet so they have to wait until they get the drug so that they could do it,” Thomas explained.

The family did not have to pay for the surgery, and do not have to pay for chemotherapy. Kydd has also been provided with a wheelchair and crutches.

Nevertheless, anyone wishing to reach out to the family, may do so at 533-6703.