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One or more national heroes to be named by March 2020 – PM

One or more national heroes to be named by March 2020 –  PM

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One or more of four people could be elevated to the status of National Hero by March 14, 2020, National Heroes Day.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves made this announcement during his address at the Independence military parade on October 27.

Gonsalves said that “a final determination will be made in time for National Heroes [Day] 2020 for the elevation to the status of national hero of one or more of the following persons: George McIntosh, Ebenezer Theodore Joshua, Robert Milton Cato and John Pamenos Eustace”.

Currently, Paramount Chief Joseph Chatoyer is this country’s sole national hero.

And the process to select other persons to be honoured with the title has been ongoing for some time.

To be eligible to be named a national hero of this country, a person must be born in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), or at the time of his or her death, be a citizen of SVG or entitled to be a citizen of SVG.

Persons considered for the order should also satisfy one of three criteria: first, the person should have given outstanding service to SVG and his or her contribution should have altered positively the course of the history of SVG.

Second, the person should have given service to SVG, which has been exemplified by visionary and pioneering leadership, extraordinary achievement and the attainment of the highest excellence which has redounded to the honour of SVG, or third, the person should have, through heroic exploits and sacrifices, contributed to the improvement of the economic, social and political conditions of SVG generally. The person must also be dead.