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NAB registers Saint Theresa University

NAB  registers Saint  Theresa University
JOYE BROWNE (right), a member of the National Accreditation Board hands over the signed registration certificate to provost, Dr Jagannathan (second from left), Dean, Dr Lois Marie Newman (left) and Janakiraman Santhanaraj Kumar (second from right), founder of the university

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The most recent registered post secondary institution in St Vincent and the Grenadines has been challenged to provide its students with quality and relevant education.

The National Accreditation Board (NAB) registered the Saint Theresa University on September 10 and it is the 12th post secondary institution to be registered since the Board was established in 2006.

The registration ceremony for the university was held this week under the theme “Higher education in the 21st century — Quality and Relevance”.

“Despite the number of emerging and existing educational institutions in St Vincent, there is room for more. The problem is though, you must be able to offer quality education,” Dr Reynold Murray, the guest speaker said.

The environmentalist opened his presentation by questioning Saint Theresa University’s purpose, given the existence of so many other schools like it in this country.

And he urged the leaders of the institution to ensure that they take the necessary steps to stand out.

“Don’t repeat what is already happening, don’t repeat what is there. You want education that is going to address the change that is coming to us, education that is going to help us to live and not make a living,” he said.

Murray added that money was not the only measurement of advancement.

He also said that in teaching people how to live rather than to make a living, they will have a greater understanding of what is happening around them and be more mindful of each other.

Joye Browne, a member of the NAB said that registration is only the first step towards full accreditation of an institution of higher learning.

She said that the registration ensures that the entity “fulfils minimum standards compliant with the rule of law of our state”.

Browne also added that the board insists that quality assurance must be seen as a mechanism for growth and development.

Descima Alexander Hamilton, the senior education officer in the Accreditation Unit also delivered remarks at last Tuesday’s ceremony.

She said that the Unit has been working along with the Saint Theresa University for the past three years.

“The business of working along to a point where you can bring an institution to say that you are satisfied that they are good enough to sign the log, it’s a difficult journey, very difficult journey and sometimes it can be a very unique journey,” she said.

Alexander Hamilton noted other registrations that will take place soon and said that it speaks to the work that the unit has been doing in this country since its establishment.

Janakiraman Santhanaraj Kumar is the chairman and founder of Saint Teresa University.

And he said that having witnessed students suffer through poor education and poor infrastructure, the university was founded from the ideas of what not to do.

Kumar vowed that his university will do its best to contribute to the community by “offering a good standard of education for the students…and we shall strive to make our students successful in their academic career”.

The founder also said that he would love to see more Vincentians enrolled in the programmes offered at Saint Theresa University.

Other speakers at Tuesday’s event included Myccle Burke, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education, Cuthbert Knights, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr Jagannathan R, the provost and Dr Lois Marie Newman, the Dean of the university.