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Stakeholders urged to participate in Nine Mornings 2019

Stakeholders urged to participate in Nine Mornings 2019
Orande ‘Bomani’ Charles

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The unique Vincentian festival runs December 16 to 24, and Chairman of the National Nine Mornings Committee Orande ‘Bomani’ Charles said last week that the committee is encouraging all stakeholders to take part and take advantage of the opportunities available as the festival continues to grow.

Charles said that several new initiatives are being added to the festival this year and the committee has already met with the various community groups and organisations from across (SVG).

The Committee is said to be holding conversations with Airbnb about developing Nine Mornings adventure packages to be marketed to persons from different cultures around the world.

Charles said this means that community groups and organisations are being encouraged to create unique and exciting Nine Mornings experiences for guests who will be visiting communities as part of these Airbnb packages.

“This festival involves the participation of hundreds of community spirited individuals around St Vincent and the Grenadines and the Diaspora who contribute time effort and finances to make the festival possible,” said Charles.

He added that this year they are looking forward to greater participation as there are many prizes to be won in the various Nine Mornings competitions.

Competitions include: Best Lit Private House, Best Lit Garden, Best Decorated Show Window, Best Nativity Scene, Best Nine Mornings Community, Best Christmas Community, Best Community on Parade, Best Community Song and Best Local Christmas Song. There are also the Zonal Lighting Competition and the National Lighting Competition while the Best Lit Commercial Building and Best Lit Government Building competitions have been reintroduced.

Charles said that last year, more buildings in Kingstown were lit and this year they want to see Kingstown made the envy of the Caribbean. He added also that there are plans to bring new lights to Kingstown as SVG celebrates 40 years of Independence.

Activities include Nine Nights at the Botanic Gardens, and the return of carolling.

Charles noted also that a special marketing and promotional plan has been devised which can reach persons by utilizing all forms of modern and traditional tools of promotion and marketing, both here and abroad. The budget for that plan is currently awaiting approval.

Charles also encouraged community groups and organisations responsible for lighting up to submit their programs and budgets to the Department of Culture.

“We want to increase focus and attention on the cultural significance of Nine Mornings to the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines as a unique Vincentian tradition rooted in the celebration of Christmas and inclusive off all our citizens as well as the immense tourism potential that this festival has,” said Charles.

He added that in the coming weeks, members of the Committee will be making rounds and visiting communities to touch base with groups and organisations to see what assistance they will need.