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National Dance Showcase set to begin this month

National Dance Showcase set to begin this month
Maxine Browne, Development Officer at the Ministry of Culture

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The Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the National Cultural Foundation will this month hold a National Dance Showcase.

The event is slated for Saturday September 28 at the Peace Memorial Hall beginning from 7 pm.

Last week, Maxine Browne of the Ministry of Culture said that all dancers and dance troupes from the various communities, churches and schools are eligible to enter.

The National Dance Showcase has as its objective to provide additional avenues for dance to be showcased to identify the choreographic skills of the choreographers so that assistance can be given to raise the bar and to identify the skills of the dancers upon which the necessary technical help or assistance can be provided.

Browne said it is hoped that the young choreographers can come out and showcase their skills while noting that the event is not a competition.