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Health sector receives boost from The St Matthias Charities Inc

Health sector receives boost from The St Matthias Charities Inc
Cuthbert Knights

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The local health sector has received another much needed boost from The St Matthias Charities Inc.

On August 29, the charity, led by pastor Robert McBarnett, handed over a 40-foot container of medical supplies to the Stubbs Polyclinic.

The donation was made in the presence of Minister of National Mobilization and area representative for South Windward Frederick Stephenson; Minister of Health Luke Browne; and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment, among other officials.

Food and school supplies were also included in the donation valued at over $120,000. Items handed over included strollers, walkers, drip stands, examination tables and crash carts.

“… Just too numerous to mention,” is how PS Knights described the donation while adding that the food and school supplies will be made available to other state agencies.

Knights said that the 12 40-foot containers of medical supplies donated over the years is not an easy thing to achieve.

“First you have to identify these items, you have to look at them, you have to sort them, transport them, store them, pack them in a container to ship them; you have to find monies to ship,” praised Knights who added that the St Matthias Charities Inc. is committed to SVG.

Knights added also that Sharon Grant-McBarnette, the pastor’s wife is also known for her generosity.

“I’ll tell you something, I’m afraid to mention to her that I am in need of anything. If I say to her that we are in need of XYZ she goes to the extent where she takes money from her pocket personally to have things bought to be able to be sent to us,” said Knights.

Minister Browne said the donation shows that the members of the charity are not weary. He said he has lost track of how many donations they have made to the health sector as they helped when the Mental Health Centre needed supplies after being rehabilitated and also when the Lewis Punett Home was in need.

“The truth is if we have more entities like the St Matthias Charity, it will be a lot easier to administer the health care system in this country. They continue year in, year out to give selflessly,” said Browne who added that this charity gives SVG things that are needed as they are in tune with the country and their donations are based on a wish list that the Ministry provides.

In response, Pastor McBarnett said they were glad to donate to the Stubbs Polyclinic as it is in a strategic location. “A lot of people stop here, so we want it to be one of the best in St Vincent and the Grenadines,” said McBarnett whose charity has donated items like EKG machines and defibrillators.

In commenting, area representative Frederick Stephenson thanked the charity for the donation while adding that it will go a long way in assisting with the delivery of healthcare in the country.

Bishop Melford Pompey was on hand to bless the donation.