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New fibre optic cable system will be a total game changer – Digicel

New fibre optic cable system will be a total game changer – Digicel
Fanta Williams, Country manager of Digicel SVG

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Telecommunications provider Digicel has pledged to the government and businesses in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) that the new fibre optic cable system (currently under construction) will be a total game changer.

Country Manager of Digicel SVG, Fanta Williams said, “Thanks to Digicel Fibre, Vincentians can look forward to enjoying a better work-life balance.”

“Digicel Fibre will change the way we work, play, learn and live in SVG. With reliable connectivity, productivity will improve, and working from home will become a viable reality – allowing businesses to save on energy and other operating costs.

“The new infrastructure will complement the existing Digicel owned Southern Caribbean Fibre (SCF) system, providing wider coverage, broader bandwidth, faster connections and a crystal-clear video service that will not fade or disconnect in inclement weather. Based on outcomes in other countries connected to the Digicel Fibre network, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the rest of the Eastern Caribbean can expect the effect on government and business efficiencies to be profound – particularly if they opt in to Digicel’s offer to host and manage their IT requirements,” the release from Digicel said.

Country Manager Williams also detailed how everyday Vincentians would benefit from the new system. “Our children and students will be able to access a wealth of educational resources online, placing them on a level playing field with their peers worldwide. And Vincentians everywhere will appreciate the ability to stream content seamlessly and keep in contact with friends and family regardless of the weather.”