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Green Party candidate under police watch after describing how the PM could be killed

Green Party candidate under police watch after describing how the PM could be killed

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An ex-policeman, who also has military training, is now under the police microscope after he explained on a local radio programme how persons wishing to assassinate Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves can achieve their objective.

On Monday, speaking at Cabinet Room during a press briefing, Gonsalves said that on return from his recent trip to Dubai,{{more}} he received a memo from State authorities of a programme called Global Highlights, hosted by Luzette King, which was aired on January 30, 2016 on Nice Radio.

The Prime Minister said that during the programme, someone named ‘K McFee’ explained how to tactically take out the Prime Minister’s security convoy. McFee is Kadmiel McFee, who was the SVG Green Party’s candidate in East St George in the last elections, a person that the Prime Minister says he is not familiar with.

McFee stated on the programme: “and you look at the way they (the police) escort the Prime Minister in G7; in front of him, you have a massive bunch of police officers and another 12 to 13 in the back of the truck and another jeep behind him with another 12 to 13, and you call that tactical policing? That’s not tactical policing; that’s a joke, because, I’m not trying to incite something here, but if someone was after Ralph Gonsalves, they get him; they get him very simple, because all they have to do is aim for the target at the front with automatic and they guarantee fatalities in the same and in the back and they guarantee fatalities, and what you got? You got Ralph Gonsalves in the so-called bulletproof soft skin vehicle driving around, now left on his own to wonder.”

Gonsalves said that he has no idea where persons who claim his vehicle is bulletproof got the idea from, as it is not; he also said that the number of police that McFee claims make up his police detail is also false.

“I’ve seen things on social media and things have been reported to me, some really unbelievable and crazy things that is to be done to the Prime Minister, his family, his property, in terms of criminal activities against us and other people to,” said the Prime Minister on Monday.

He added, “Here is someone, who I’m advised was once a police officer, advising listeners how to get him, meaning me, how to get the target, meaning me, from behind and from in front….”

Gonsalves said that the police are aware of the remarks, as they were sent to him by them in his capacity as Minister of National Security. He said that he decided to share it with the public, as persons sometimes think that he is overly sensitive when he talks about these issues, but the programme was repeated last Saturday and he wants the public to know that the things being said on social media are now being broadcast on a station with a licence.

“How could this be responsible? And this is now being spoken by someone, I don’t know if he got 10 votes in an election. I’m sorry that I have to speak about it. It’s not the gentleman I’m so concerned about, but this is where broadcasting has come? This is where political antipathy has come? SVG must be the freest country in the world. It must be the freest country that anybody can get up and say anything that they want and that there are no consequences,” said Gonsalves.

He stressed that he is not frightened about threats, but he is encouraging “right thinking” persons to not associate themselves with a party that allows, permits and engenders “this kind of dangerous garbage.”

He added that despite this latest episode, he has no plans to upgrade his personal security, while he is not interested in a bulletproof vehicle.

“I know that I am covered by the blood…and that is why I do not fear anything. The worst that can happen is that my demise is accelerated, but I have had a good run. I’m almost at the threescore and ten, so if anybody think that I have any sense of worry about these matters, they are fooling themselves”. (LC)