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PM to take legal action against King

PM to take legal action against King

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“With all these falsehoods, she will pay for her mouth… in the civil courts.”

This was the warning issued by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves to political activist Luzette King, following recent accusations she made against him.

King recently alleged, while speaking on a radio programme on Nice Radio, that the Prime Minister had instructed police officers to use tear gas and guns {{more}}on New Democratic supporters who were protesting near the Electoral Office on Bay Street last Thursday.

Gonsalves denied the accusation when he called into a radio programme on Star FM yesterday.

“She will hear from my lawyers. I can tell you that for sure, because I have been defamed by her. What she is saying is that I have committed a criminal offence – that is to say, misbehaviour in public office by directly instructing the police to use tear gas and force. I can’t do that. The Prime Minister has no authority to do that,” he insisted.

“This woman is absolutely crazy… She is injuring my reputation, so I will deal with that… or I should say my lawyers will deal with that. I continue to do the work for the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Gonsalves said that following King’s accusation, he inquired of Commissioner of Police Michael Charles if the police officers who responded to the protest on the occasion in question had tear gas on their person – to which Charles responded “no”.

“He said what they saw was the SSU in their normal garb where they would have, attached to them, the mask. They have several things attached to them. The policemen go about with a firearm; that means they going use the firearm?”

The Prime Minister reiterated that there had been no intention whatsoever for the police to use tear gas at last Thursday’s protest.

“I just want us to keep our focus – the country – and don’t pay any attention to the sideshow which the NDP is engaged in… The people voted for the Unity Labour Party.” (JSV)