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Hearts of Charity spreads Christmas cheer

Hearts of Charity spreads Christmas cheer

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New York based Vincentian group Hearts of Charity brought Christmas cheer to some 150 children from Chateaubelair and surrounding areas in the North Leeward Constituency on the weekend.

The 12-member group, headed by Esther Davis of New York, was coordinated locally by Mr and Mrs Cuthbert James of Chateaubelair.

The Christmas party was held at the Chateaubelair Methodist School on Sunday, December 20{{more}} and saw children ranging from ages one to 15 being given much to eat and engaged in fun activities from midday to four in the afternoon. Each child was also presented with a gift bag of goodies to take home.

Founder of Hearts of Charity Esther Davis says she was particularly moved to give back to the land of her birth after the December 24 2013 trough system, which devastated SVG, killed 9 and left three still unaccounted for.

Immediately following the 2013 disaster, Davis commenced on a mission to help restore some form of normalcy to Vincentian lives, specifically residents of Buccament and Vermont.

Davis says it is her hope to make the Hearts of Charity’s Christmas Party an annual event in the North Leeward constituency and will be catering for even more children next year.